Who Am I? (Celebrity Head)

There are some games that you see over and over for good reason. If you want a hens night game that is both fun and also makes your brain work consider “Who Am I?”.

This is perfect if the bride-to-be and the guests are up to date with the latest celebrity news. This game also doesn’t even have to cost any money as all you need is a pen, some pieces of paper and sticky tape.

Each participant thinks of a celebrity. Preferably one who is about to marry or has just married. Write the celebrity’s name on a strip of paper. Collect all the bits of paper in a container. Everyone picks one and sticks it to their forehead. No peeking!! The celebrity they picked becomes their identity.

The participants then take turns asking yes/no questions to guess the celebrity’s name correctly. Examples of questions that the participant can ask are: “Do I appear in a television drama that’s currently being aired?”, “Am I a singer?”, or “Is my boyfriend a soccer player?”

The other guests can only answer “yes” or “no” in every question. Whenever a participant gets a “yes,” she can ask another question until she is able to guess the name correctly. If she gets a “no” answer, the participant next to her will take her turn to ask and guess.

The winner will be the first person who guesses correctly. A prize is nice but doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can add additional rules like drinking every time someone guesses incorrectly.