The Peg Game

The peg game is an example of a game that can last all night.

Begin the game at the start of the hens night party. Prepare 5 to 10 pegs for each guest. If no pegs are available use paper clips instead although pegs really do work better. Each guest must wear a prearranged number of pegs on their clothes.

Come up with five words that the guests, including the bride-to-be, are not allowed to say throughout the night.

For example: party, the groom’s name, ring, flower and kiss.

Anyone who overhears someone else saying one of the five words can either remove a peg from her clothes and attach it to the other person or vice versa. You can choose to make the goal to either acquire as many pegs as possible (likely too easy) or to get rid of your pegs.

You can easily couple this with a drinking game if you like.

The good thing about this game is that you can continue playing it while partying, drinking or doing other activities for the hen night. It gets funnier and funnier and the night goes on.