The Note Game

During the hen’s night party one thing that can give the night a special touch is reminiscing about wonderful and embarrassing moments with friends. This reminds the bride-to-be of what life was like during her years as a single woman and the people who were with her during those moments.

The Note Game is great for reminiscing about those moments with the bride-to-be. A piece of paper is given to everyone at the party. Ask them to write one line that gives a hint to a memory that they have shared with the bride-to-be.

Here’s an example, “hide and seek with the cab driver” which refers to a day that started with the bride taking a cab to meet a friend (the one who wrote the note) and ended with them both hiding in the ladies room. As much as possible think of a moment that’s either funny or embarrassing for the bride to make the hens night a little more exciting!

After everyone has completed their note all the papers are placed in a hat or box. The bride-to-be randomly picks a note and reads it aloud. She must guess who wrote it and share with everyone the story behind that line.

If the bride guesses the person’s name wrongly or couldn’t remember the story behind the line, she must drink a shot or take a dare from the person who wrote the note.