The Name Game 1

There are a few ways to play the name game. Here is the first:

This game perfectly works with the Colour Coding activity.

The bride should wear all white or some other light colour. Make sure she doesn’t wear anything she is too attached to. Everyone else should wear other colours.

Bring a marker or pen to write on the bride’s clothes.

Go out and find as many men as possible to sign her clothes. This is obviously a lot easier if you go somewhere like a large nightclub. Collect as many men’s signatures as possible but note that only one man of each name is allowed (e.g. one Paul, one Jake). Set the number of signatures you need to get. Maybe organise a prize for the group once that goal is reached.

When you arrive at a suitable venue the group must get to work scouting for new names to add to the bride’s outfit. A game like this is not only fun but is also a good opportunity to meet some new people.