Pop The Balloon

Among the common games played at a hen’s party those involving dares are usually the most exciting. They can however be tough for the shyer members of the group. If you are going to play one its important that everyone participates. No spectators allowed.

To play pop the balloon take some pieces of colourful papers and list some funny and crazy things that you want your guests to do.

Things like sing and dance to a Michael Jackson song, see how many cookies you can fit in your mouth, do a very sexy dance, etc.

Put the each paper with the dare in a balloon then inflate it and tie it off. Getting a little bit of paper into a balloon is tough but it is do-able.

Make sure that you have everything your need for the dares prepared before the hen’s night party begins.

Have the guests come forward one by one to select a balloon then pop it on a chair with their bum. They then read the dare on the paper and do it without hesitation.

Keep in mind the need to make sure its fun and not too embarrassing for the shy or sensitive although your friends have probably already seen you at your worst so what the hell….