Pass The Cucumber

Hen’s night party ideas can range from tame to silly. “Pass The Cucumber” is one of the sillier ones. This can be played in a few ways but the basic rules are simple: pass a cucumber from person to person without using your hands.

One way to play it is having everyone form a circle. Hold a cucumber between your legs and pass it to the next person. Anyone who drops the cucumber or who uses her hands will receive a punishment.

Another way of playing is to have a relay-like competition. Divide the guests into 2 or more teams who then have to race.

Place an extra long cucumber in between the legs of the first person of each team. The person will walk with it around a chair some distance away. She should walk around the chair and back to where her next team mate is waiting for her to pass on the cucumber.

Again, anyone who drops the cucumber or uses their hands will receive a punishment You can choose to have punishments apply to the whole team ie the whole team does a shot every time they drop the cucumber.

Pass The Cucumber is a bit of a juvenile game but really is great fun!