No peeking

Games played at hens parties have a variety of purposes. Some are simply for fun or to get to know one another. Others are to show off people’s talents and abilities. This is a game to help you find out who trusts you the most.

Hand each person a brown bag large enough to fit over the head. Get them to put the bags on their heads so they cannot see anything. Explain that they must obediently do whatever the host says.

Ask them to remove the items they are wearing one at a time. While you’re asking them to remove each item some people will surely feel peculiar and remove the bag as they get closer to being naked. Some however will press on.

When someone peeks make sure there is someone watching who can gesture to them to be quiet. As soon as they have peeked they have lost the game.

Continue asking people to remove items of clothing until there’s only one or two people left. Make sure you have a good prize for these trusting souls.