I Never

Depending on your preferences beer, wine and shots can have a lot of uses during celebrations. Aside from the usual social uses they can also be used either as a reward or a punishment.

The “I Never” game is perfect if the bride-to-be wants to enjoy her bachelorette party by having a few drinks while chatting with her guests. It is better played at home as people might get rather drunk plus people may be embarrassed to play it in public. As with any game that involves people possibly embarrassing themselves (a little) its important that everyone play. No spectators allowed.

The game is relatively easy. Gather around with guests and prepare shots of something. Arrange yourself in a circle to keep things orderly. Start somewhere in the circle. Each person takes turns making statements starting with “I never“.

For example “I never got detention at school” or “I never *cough* a guy in a car.” Use your imagination to come up with things you haven’t done but others might have. The guests who have must drink their shot and refill ready for the next question.

The game becomes more exciting as everyone drinks more! The “I never” questions get a lot more adventurous and some secrets might accidentally be revealed! If there are some things you’re embarrassed about having done and you definitely don’t want to be revealed be extra careful when playing this game.