Do You Know Your Groom?

For a fun option that lets you put the bride-to-be on the spot (in a nice way) perhaps you should take the opportunity to find out how well her and her groom-to-be know each other. This has the side benefit of helping them realize how well they actually know one another and allows everyone to have a few laughs.

The person hosting the hen party, usually the maid of honor, should prepare everything in advance for this simple game. Write around 20 questions for the groom to answer. Ask simple but entertaining questions.

Some example questions that you may include are:
• Where were you born?
• Who is your favourite band?
• When was your first date?
• What is the physical asset that attracted your bride?
• What’s the first movie that you watched together?
• What habit do you have that your bride finds most annoying?

Next interview the groom-to-be and write down their answers (or have him write them down himself).

During the hen’s night party ask the same questions to the bride-to-be in front of the group. After she answers read the groom’s answer aloud. The bride-to-be must have a drink for every wrong answer she makes. If you’re not sure whether her answer is close enough or not the group can vote.