Do You Know The Bride?

Typically the guests at a hen’s night will include old friends and maybe some relatives. With this in mind playing a game that will test how much the guests know about the bride would seem appropriate.

The bride-to-be should produce around 20 to 30 quiz style questions about herself. Questions could be about anything. It can be either “What is my star sign?”, “who is my ultimate celebrity crush?”, “where did my first kiss happen?” or “name the most embarrassing moment I’ve shared with you.” List the questions on a single page then make a copy for each guest.

During the hen’s party, the questionnaires should be handed out to the guests. After they are done writing their answers go through the questions one by one and either allow each guest to read aloud their answer or select the highlights for the group.

If you have a big group going through everyone’s answer may become dull.

It’s better if the questions give the guests the chance to be funny or to repeat humorous stories so everyone can have a good laugh while reminiscing! The bride is responsible for correcting their answers since the questions are all about her. Optionally the bride may hand out prizes for amazing acts of recall and dares or other punishments for poor memory or boring stories.

Everyone should be able to participate and the bride-to-be will discover who among her friends knows her the most. This game also makes for a good souvenir if you collect the pages and make them into a folder for the bride-to-be. In the future she can browse through the responses and remember the fun she had with her friends during her hen’s night party.