DIY Wedding Dress

One game that you may like is “Do It Yourself Wedding Dress!” DIY wedding dress for short. The bride to be can join in or act as the judge.

You will need a big stockpile of toilet paper for this game. Lookout for supermarkets with super sized packs of toilet paper on special.

How does the “DIY Wedding Dress” game work? First you need to create teams. Three people per team works best. Each team member has a different job: model, designer and designer’s assistant. You may want to rename them to designer number one and designer number two if egos become an issue.

The model will wear the wedding dress during its creation and on the catwalk. The designer should be artistic and ingenious enough to create an astonishing and stunning wedding dress out of tissue paper with the help of her assistant.

Though each has a different task all must work together to come up with the best result.

Each team has only five minutes to finish their masterpiece before parading it on the catwalk before the judge. Make sure some appropriate music is available. The winning team will receive a prize.