Bridal Shower Shoe Game

The occasional dull moments is inevitable at a hen’s night party. Make sure you plan ahead to keep the fun going! The Bridal Shower Shoe Game can be an exciting one off that produces a lot of screaming and laughter!

Go around each guest and take one of their shoes. Give the guest a number and tell her that once her number’s called, she needs to come get her shoe and bring it back to you for a prize.

The trick is to assign the same number to every guest without their knowledge. When you assign number 5 to a guest, you should assign this number to everyone else as well. While in the middle of another hen night activity or while having meals, abruptly shout “Number 5!”.

Get surprised with everyone screaming while dashing to get their own shoes!

There would surely be a guest who would stop and wonder why everybody is trying to get their shoes when she knows that it’s her number. Others would not even care at all and getting their shoes because of a prize that awaits is the only important thing for them. The first hen to give her shoe to you wins something.