Alphabet Game

Most hen parties are celebrated at night clubs while others prefer to spend it in the privacy of their home, a hotel room or even out in the country. It can be like a mini-vacation before the long awaited wedding day.

Going on a road trip, especially if its more than a few hours long, can be boring however you have the choice to make it either lame or fun! If you play the Alphabet game you are guaranteed to have a fun road trip.

While in the car or even the plane take turns searching the surroundings for items that start with each letter of the alphabet. For example, the bride-to-be begins the game by saying an item which name starts with letter “A” such as air conditioner. Then the next person looks for something starting with “B” such as belt.

If you want to make the game naughtier and funnier you can name things that you and your partner have done in bed instead of what you see. Use your imagination!

This game can be played throughout the trip. You may even use drinks as punishment! If someone wasn’t able to name anything with the particular letter within 10 seconds she must drink. This certainly prevents boredom!