Guide To Choosing Hens Night Games

Everyone loves a good game. Hen’s Party Games can be so much fun to play. Especially after a few drinks!

Choosing a game for a hen’s party can be tricky. Chances are you’ve got a varied group of people with varying tastes. Some of the people you’ll know very well. Others not so much. Fortunately its not difficult to ensure that all of the bride to be’s friends have a night to remember.

To ensure maximum fun and minimum unhappiness its important to match your games to the environment and people. Heres a quick checklist to go through when selecting games and activities to make sure everyone has a fun night:

• Where will you be playing? Some games can be played in a nightclub while others are better suited to a private venue like someone’s home. Some games require a ready supply of total strangers while others are best played away from prying eyes.

• What equipment or props do you need? Make sure that you have everything you need on hand. Also, if you’ll be going to any pubs, bars or night clubs make sure that you’re not likely to have any vital props confiscated by security.

• What’s everyones dirtiness tolerance? Its great if the whole group can enjoy any games you play. Games that are too explicit and offend part of the group are no good. Equally games that are too tame and bore the group are no good either. Ask those that know them about anyone who will be there that you don’t know.

With those few questions answered you should be able to successful select a few games and activities.

One final note. On the night, remember that the ultimate goal of the evening is to have fun and give the bride to be a night to remember. By all means schedule out your evening, where you’ll go and what you’ll do but be flexible on the night.